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Hypnotherapy is a focused yet relaxed state of mind that you have allowed yourself to embrace, because, you've booked the session.  You've already indicated to your subconscious you want change.

 Your subconscious is where all your habits and memories are stored - like a computer hard drive.  Sometimes we have recorded a habit or a memory on our hard drive and it does not serve us anymore ....or never really did. 

 Hypnotherapy and NLP are motivational techniques that can be used to let your mind recognise there is a different way and help implement the changes that you wish to make. 

 You were not born with a particular habit, 

so it can be let go. 

With an in depth chat or an in depth email exchange (your preference) I will then put together a visualisation that relaxes you but more importantly focus's you so that your mind can do the  work to implement change. 

I work by building a rappor with each client so they feel at ease and able to focus on the changes they wish to make. 

We can then go about finding the right techniques for them, exercises to empower or reduce anxiety and take the next step for action, a course a change of job or habit. 

 Its a joy when I see my clients embrace all that.

    A combination of direct suggestion, NLP, metaphors  timeline are just some of the tools.

 To empower you to have courage to change. 

'Courage is the most important of all the virtues for without courage we cant practise any other virtues consistently' Maya Angelou 


I have conducted workshop sessions at Touchbase Care 

and Folkestone Mind. 

My background has been in voice/commercial/Acting

 I think the experience of going to auditions overcoming nerves lead me to find empowerment (courage) and to keep challenging any negative thoughts..

 Such as I'm not enough or I eat too much, 

or anxiety has taken over.

Call for a no obligation chat about how I can help you and to discuss fees or package discount..

Fully Insured- TestimonialDBS checked

  I had just one session with Lisa Williamson working on this, she visited this past experience and took the emotion out of it.  I was really comfortable on camera, in fact I had a great time filming for my work and am very much looking forward to doing more of it. Lisa is an empathic and intuitive therapist with a magical voice.'

-Zetta Thomlin Director of UKCHO -UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy  Organisation, 

'Without your support and knowledge, B wouldn't be where she is today.  She is blossoming, she is maturing, she is enjoying the course and making some new friends.'' Folkestone face to face client

'I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy by Lisa.  I feel that I now have the skills and confidence to continue my weight loss journey.  Her patient calm and understanding manner made me feel relaxed which enabled me to get the maximum benefit out of my sessions. 

 Folkestone Face to face client  

'Having my own personal meditation tapes enable me to easily go into a deep relaxed state of mind.  Lisa's voice is very calming and her words so supportive I have used my tapes to help me make good food choices.  I now use visualisation to move forward and make positive changes.  I use my tapes as and when I need them for support'. Phone sessions and Audio

Audio's for Hythe Client 

C.P. started sessions when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. 'It was just what I needed working with you, I wish I'd found you earlier.'

Face to face client 

'Lisa is phenomenal.  She helped me restore my confidence and belief in myself, 100% professional and worth every penny.  I couldn't recommend her enough'. Folkestone Client

'I highly recommend Lisa for hypnotherapy, she is warm and welcoming with a friendly and approachable manner and is easy to talk too.  I went to Lisa for hypnotherapy as I had been triggered back to a past trauma where I felt stuck Lisa helped me to feel calm and relaxed during the hypnotherapy which settled the feelings I had in relation to the PTSD and let me move on'.  In a couple of subsequent sessions we worked on self confidence and moving forwards which worked brilliantly'. Folkestone face to face client

Creative Visualization Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing way to guide you through positive images   prompting you to relax with a sense of well being as you listen to my voice suggesting ways  for you to allow your mind to implement the  changes  you wish to make.  Please ring or email for more information and prices.  Our Hypnotherapist is a member of BAThH 

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

This is suitable for clients with a BMI of over 35.  The focus is on fitness and health.  This programme follows a similar route to a surgical gastric band with a commitment to 20 mins a day exercise or walk....if you have an  interest in this technique please email or call me.  This technique is a  three session package.

Lisa has worked with us at Touchbase Care on our wellbeing sessions.  Lisa has  seen a number of  our  clients for Positive Visualisation and hypnotherapy on a range of issues to help with stress , self image weightloss, social anxiety and giving up smoking and these sessions have been very well received so we hope to keep working with Lisa into the future.  

Trish Bishop CEO Touchbase Care Folkestone Kent.. 

You Motivate you.......

Volunteering with South Kent Mind

Feed back from South Kent Mind....

''Its been a pleasure to have you delivering the Positive Visualisation workshops.  I have heard back from those that attended  and they found them really helpful and really enjoyed taking part'. 

The Critical voice in our thoughts.. 

Do you notice how you talk to yourself? Worrying?  nagging?  berating? This may have developed along time ago and be an almost automatic default habit.  But now you have noticed it,, and that it doesn't serve you..that it continually makes you view daily life through a fogged glass of anxiety - you can take steps to change.

If you feel more confident I believe you can fufill the changes you wish to make . From weightloss to giving up smoking social anxiety and stress For a friendly chat do feel free to ring or email, and then if we both feel the skills I have may help you...then we can find a suitable appointment time.