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As well as my own client base  I have worked with Touchbase Care and Folkestone Mind.  Through relaxation, focus and positive visualisation ..its about empowering the client to initiate  there own success.     


I am a hypnotherapist and I train hypnotherapists, I had a bad experience doing some filming once and though really happy with a live audience, I dried up on camera from then on.  I had just one session with Lisa Williamson working on this, she visited this past experience and took the emotion out of it, we then used some rehearsal techniques, the result was I was really comfortable on camera, in fact I had a great time filming for my work. Z Thomelin.

Touchbase Care together with Folkestone Mind put together wellbeing packages for SELF.  Lisa worked with our clients using hypnotherapy and positive visualisation . We hope to keep working with Lisa in the future.  Trish Bishop TouchbaseCare